Custom Furnishings in Acrylic, Glass and Wood

ClairVisions combines the finest quality acrylic fabrication with the ultimate in customer service. ClairVisions brings together the familiar acrylic designs with new ideas in acrylic and wood. Completely custom, ClairVisions welcomes your variations to our over 100 designs.

25 years of artistry in acrylic experience result in perfect joints and seams with thickness’s up to 4”. Any custom project in acrylic is possible, including pedestals, display boxes and shelving for both residential and commercial uses. ClairVisions is a “To the Trade” resource only. Contact Robert@Segalassoc.com for more information.


  1. Lorraine Levinson

    I have an interior design firm in Rye, NY and I’m interested in your services. How o you work with the trade?

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